Cubism Typography Book


The purpose of this project was to pick a humanist serif or sans-serif typeface and create a 16-page booklet about any topic. The typeface that I chose is called JAF Lapture. JAF Lapture is based on Albert Kapr’s Leipzi­ger Antiqua typeface and has been digitized by Tim Ahrens.

Since my book is all about Cubism, I needed to reflect the artistic styles of Cubism in my book. Lapture is a fitting typeface because of how geometric the individual letter forms are. The letters feature very minute slants at various angles to give off a unique, yet modern feel.

I wanted my booklet be able to be mass printed at a very low cost. I devised a way so that my entire book can be printed on a single piece of paper and then very easily cut (three small cuts) and folded into a 16 page booklet.

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front cover
1. - Front Cover
2. - Back Cover
3. - Unfolded