KickBOX Brand Identity and Logo Design


The purpose of this project was to choose create my own brand identity for a fictitious or existing business or corporation. I decided to create my own business to have full controll over all of the creative aspects. KickBOX is a monthly shoe subscription service for men and women. KickBOX offers varying types of shoes and delivers the best product once a month based on the customers profile settings and browsing habits on the KickBOX app. There are also physical brick-and-mortar stores that retail mainstream shoe brands (think nike) around the United States if online shopping is not your thing.

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kickbox logo
1. - The final KickBOX logo
mailing box closed
2. - Subscription Mailing Box (closed)
mailing box open
3. - Subscription Mailing Box (open)
3. - Signage
front of tshirt
4. - Employee uniform (t-shirt front)
back of tshirt
5. - Employee uniform (t-shirt back)
6. - A pin that can be given away as a "freebie"
tote bag
7. - Environmentally friendly reuse-able shopping bag"
8. - Thought Process"
9. - Thought Process"
10. - Thought Process"
11. - Thought Process"
12. - Thought Process"