Grandoozy Fidelity Prototype


Grandoozy is a music festival in Denver that is hosted by Superfly, an entertainment and live event company. Over the course of three months I was assigned as the technology and design intern for Superfly. The main concern for Grandoozy as it stood was the overwhelming amount of pages and information. This lead me to test various methods in order to achieve an extremely simple, yet highly functional mobile website with supurb UX design in mind.

My solution was to condense as much information as possible on to one page. Rather than making very long, scrollable pages. I decided to segment chuncks of information using a tabbing system. This system of organization proved extremely effective in user study tests and ultimitly reduced the time and pain a user experiences when trying to find specific information. The design team will be utilizing my reasearch, high-fidelity UI prototypes, and user studies to create a brand new website for grandoozy in mid-2019.

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