Citizen Skateshop Logo Redesign

Citizen Skateshop

The purpose of this project was to pick a smaller local company or organization that we feel had a poorly designed logo. The problem that I saw with the original Citizen logo was that there was just too much going on. The text is hardly readable at a small scale and it has a "do it yourself" feel to it, which makes the logo look out-dated.

I wanted to keep the wordmark predominant but still have the logo remain easily readable at almost any scale. I created custom type using very large strokes to increase readibility and I decided on the color red because it matched the inside of their shop and I felt it could be an easy color to impliment into their already existing branding.

The result is the new Citizen Skateshop logo (figure 1.) If you look closely you will notice that the wordmark can also be interpreted to look like a skateboard

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redesigned logo
1. - The redesigned Citizen Skateshop logo
redesigned logo
2. - A scraped concept for a new logo
original logo
3. - The original Citizen Skateshop logo
citizen merch
4. - Merch for Citizen Skate Shop
citizen stickers
5. - Stickers that can be given away as "freebies"
5. - Citizen Skateshop merch"
refined sketch
6. - Refined sketch
citizen stickers
7. - Thought process
citizen stickers
8. - Thought process
citizen stickers
9. - Thought process
citizen stickers
10. - Thought process