1. "The Screaming Skull"

The Screaming Skull is a character that feeds off of our fears. my intent was to create a character that would be extremely intimidating to meet face-to-face.

2. "The Reaper"

The Reaper is character shrouded in mystery. This is why I chose to not include any face on this particular character. The less you know the more mysterious he is. I focused on shading, contrasting light and dark to define the cloak he is wearing.

3. "Artificial Intelligence"

This robot is named "bumble bee" after my favorite transformer in the Transformer Series. While making this character I envisioned what artificial intelligence may look like when the technology becomes extremely advanced. The main challenge for creating this character was not looking at any images for reference because I did not want to detract from the originality of the character.

4. "Lost Pirate"

The Lost pirate is a straight-forward drawing at first glance. Except this pirate cant be from earth, the bone structure is not typical of a human being. This is a concept for a science fiction pirate that roams space defending their territory violently. Unfortunately this pirate was not so lucky.

5. "Yeti"

The Yeti was another drawing that was drawn from memory to add to the originality of a character that already exists. I wanted to recreate what I saw the Yeti to be in my mind, as a cartoon character.

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Artificial intelligence
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